What is Probate in North Dakota

North Dakota probate is the formal, court-supervised process of carrying out one's last wishes by validating their last will & testament (if any), resolving any outstanding debts or taxes, and distributing any remaining assets to rightful heirs.
Probate can be complicated, but it's just the legal collecting of everything someone owns and officially giving it to the right people (and giving the government their cut, of course).

It begins with contacting the court and ends with all estate taxes paid, death certificates filed, and assets officially distributed to rightful heirs and surviving family members.

Probate exists to prevent families from jumping in like a bunch of sharks to claim whatever cars, bank accounts, and other assets a family member had, and to make sure things like a death certificate, funeral arrangements, and estate taxes are handled correctly.

And because probate is a legal process- the rules and procedures vary regionally based on local laws, applicable forms & other established practices.

Which is why we've put together this helpful resource as a comprehensive guide for anyone navigating probate in North Dakota.