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- Matt S.

- Michael T.

- Landon J.

- Nicole R.

Grant Walker is beyond words, the number one!!! Thank you for what you do, what you have done for me! Appreciate your help and understanding!

Darcy M

Grant is a dedicated and honest attorney who works for the client's best interest. I have known Grant for over 10 years and witnessed his professional growth. Grant is knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced, responsive, respectful, and straightforward. Grant is commutative and will listen to the client. Grant knows the legal system and the laws and ordinances of multiple jurisdictions including Tribes.

Cody E

I can't say enough about this Law Firm. They always got right back to me when I needed the help. Grant has a deep knowledge of the law and gave me the exact strategy I needed. I highly recommend him and this law firm.

Sarah W

I agree with an earlier review that was given. Grant is wonderful person an fantastic lawyer who truly cares about his clients an there families. No one better in my opinion.

Raymond K.

you wont find a better lawyer any where in north or south dakota

Lee W.

Grant is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in law. He is fair, trustworthy, and will treat you with respect. You can't go wrong calling Grant!

Austin M.

If you are a man you might understand this explanation better, no offense to females. If you own an NFL team and you want to win, you hire the best offensive coordinator or coach available, thats if you want to build an offensive team. If you want defense you hire the best defensive coordinator or coach. Thats the beautiful thing about hiring Grant Walker. Its like hiring both offense and defense in one guy. You can't lose or your chances of winning go very high. But the best part is Grant is down to earth and not a stuffy lawyer type. Good luck.

Dana A.

Just because you did it, does not mean you're guilty. Walker Law Firm should change their slogan to that because they know the law and they know your rights. They are professional, reliable, knowledgeable and consistent. I've never had the pleasure of being able to work with my attorney, it was always them making a case for me but with Walker Law Firm they made sure to help me understand the proceedings. Grant was always very professional and brought a lot of ease in an otherwise overwhelming environment! Thank you, Grant. Would recommend!!!

Gary E.

G. Walker an experienced attorney. He has an extensive history of teaching underprivileged students as well as being one of the best attorneys I've met in North Dakota. I have known Grant for years and because of his past experience I can attest to him being the best of the best and being exactly what you need in any legal proceeding. I hired Grant to represent me in my bitter divorce and not only did he help me settle my dispute but he helped me acquire more than I expected. Grant was very empathetic and supportive throughout the entire process. Court can be overwhelming and confusing but Grant was always patient and explained things in ways understood. He gave me the necessary support and guidance while I navigated my way through this process. I refer everyone I know that is needing an attorney to Walker Law Firm. Grant is very knowledgeable in state law, federal law and even tribal law. Whatever your legal needs, I assure you Walker Law Firm can handle it!

Brittany H.