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Grant Walker is beyond words, the number one!!! Thank you for what you do, what you have done for me! Appreciate your help and understanding!

Darcy M

Grant is a dedicated and honest attorney who works for the client's best interest. I have known Grant for over 10 years and witnessed his professional growth. Grant is knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced, responsive, respectful, and straightforward. Grant is commutative and will listen to the client. Grant knows the legal system and the laws and ordinances of multiple jurisdictions including Tribes.

Cody E

I can't say enough about this Law Firm. They always got right back to me when I needed the help. Grant has a deep knowledge of the law and gave me the exact strategy I needed. I highly recommend him and this law firm.

Sarah W

I agree with an earlier review that was given. Grant is wonderful person an fantastic lawyer who truly cares about his clients an there families. No one better in my opinion.

Raymond K.

you wont find a better lawyer any where in north or south dakota

Lee W.

Grant is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in law. He is fair, trustworthy, and will treat you with respect. You can't go wrong calling Grant!

Austin M.

If you are a man you might understand this explanation better, no offense to females. If you own an NFL team and you want to win, you hire the best offensive coordinator or coach available, thats if you want to build an offensive team. If you want defense you hire the best defensive coordinator or coach. Thats the beautiful thing about hiring Grant Walker. Its like hiring both offense and defense in one guy. You can't lose or your chances of winning go very high. But the best part is Grant is down to earth and not a stuffy lawyer type. Good luck.

Dana A.

Just because you did it, does not mean you're guilty. Walker Law Firm should change their slogan to that because they know the law and they know your rights. They are professional, reliable, knowledgeable and consistent. I've never had the pleasure of being able to work with my attorney, it was always them making a case for me but with Walker Law Firm they made sure to help me understand the proceedings. Grant was always very professional and brought a lot of ease in an otherwise overwhelming environment! Thank you, Grant. Would recommend!!!

Gary E.

G. Walker an experienced attorney. He has an extensive history of teaching underprivileged students as well as being one of the best attorneys I've met in North Dakota. I have known Grant for years and because of his past experience I can attest to him being the best of the best and being exactly what you need in any legal proceeding. I hired Grant to represent me in my bitter divorce and not only did he help me settle my dispute but he helped me acquire more than I expected. Grant was very empathetic and supportive throughout the entire process. Court can be overwhelming and confusing but Grant was always patient and explained things in ways understood. He gave me the necessary support and guidance while I navigated my way through this process. I refer everyone I know that is needing an attorney to Walker Law Firm. Grant is very knowledgeable in state law, federal law and even tribal law. Whatever your legal needs, I assure you Walker Law Firm can handle it!

Brittany H.

After reviewing many different firms and speaking with several of them I can tell you I was only given a thorough breakdown of what I was facing and several options of how to proceed with this firm alone. Grant Walker shows not only that he understands law and proceedings well, but he also displays strong morality and sense of community in how he associates with you as well as his peers. Even in out of the norm cases such as mine he helped me navigate through all the challenges and stress while maintaining professionalism. In a field where one could easily be motivated by greed he was fair in pricing for his services and honored our agreement. Although no one wants to find themselves in a situation needing a lawyer I can say I would recommend him to anyone going through legal difficulties without hesitation.


He got done what we had been trying to get court system and police to do for months. He worked to get charges dropped and help needed. I highly recommend his services if you ever need a lawyer.


Solid legal advice.

bill s.

Mr. Walker is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He will go above and beyond to help you with your questions, concerns and legal issues and will thoroughly provide you with clear, concise options that are available to you.

Jodi K

You can trust Walker law firm with all your legal needs. Highly recommended!

SolidSolid N.

True professionals!

matthew b.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality
I was really nervous about my case, but Mr. Walker immediately eased my concerns with his supportive expertise from our first call. From there he was professional and effective, expertly guiding my case to a better conclusion than I even thought possible. His knowledge base and experience are clearly top-notch -- he's the best!

Justin N.

Positive: Professionalism
Im not a great review writer, but Grant Walker is a great lawyer. I'll be calling him from now on when i need help in this radically charged red state. You should too. He has a great history and eased the stress of the situation i was in with great confidence. Was able to take back my good name and take one more win away from the bad guys. Not sorry. Thank you Grant.

Jesse T.

would recommend Grant walker law firm to anyone. He was such a wonderful lawyer and helped me get my cases ( felony and misdemeanor) dismissed. He always answers my calls and has a fast communication. He never gave up on me. I'm forever grateful to have such a honest and best lawyer in my life to represent me. Thank you for everything God bless you.

Alexandro Lumuna

would recommend Grant walker law firm to anyone. He was such a wonderful lawyer and helped me get my cases ( felony and misdemeanor) dismissed. He always answers my calls and has a fast communication. He never gave up on me. I'm forever grateful to have such a honest and best lawyer in my life to represent me. Thank you for everything God bless you.

Alexandro L.

Grant is very helpful, great at breaking everything down, and for getting me the best! I very highly recommend!

Kathy M.

Very helpful and compassionate. Thank you!!

Winona S.

The Walker Law Firm is an excellent choice for legal representation, and council. Grant is able to address all of my legal concerns quickly and effectively

Mike G.

The Walker Law Firm is the best law firm in town!! I would highly recommend!!


I feel very lucky to have been referred to Mr. Walker. I faced APC charges during a precarious life transition. I don't regret a single penny I spent on his legal counsel, especially not having a ton of money to throw around. He is honest and straightforward, and has a great deal of evident experience and skill in his field. His initial consultation gave me an honest and compassionate appraisal of what would be a reasonable expectation from my case. I deeply appreciate his concise and thorough communication and availability throughout the court process, especially being an out-of-state resident. This was not a landscape I was prepared to deal with, and I honestly don't know what I would have done without this caliber of representation. I highly recommend this firm.

Tyler L.

Unbelievably grateful for the legal guidance I had earlier this year. If anyone ever has questions or concerns about how the legal system works, Grant is your person. He is available at all hours, patient, and understanding. I will always refer people to Grant for help.

Jana S.

The professionalism and timely responses are unmatched. There wasn't a moment that I was out of the loop.I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Hunter F.